and on and on . . .

Here is the expert Electrician/Plumber/Financier for this project.
He is in the process of installing the beautiful lighting in the Butterfly Garden.
He can be a little touchy, though I can't imagine why, just because I
keep adding more lights.

Just one more wire dear?

One more wire meant, add another box for transformer storage.
This view also shows the skimmer, completely installed, wired, and pump in place.
All we need now is WATER!!!

The felt liner was first placed in the hole
Next, the 45 mil rubber 20' x 22' liner was 
placed over the felt.
A hole was cut in the liner at the skimmer opening, silicone applied to skimmer,
skimmer plate attached with
screws (which didn't line up easily),
filling proceeding nicely.
Large flat slate rock cut in half to create
the bottom two waterfalls.

View of cut stone for bottom two waterfalls, ready for installation.

Reconstruction Photos