More Progress. . .
The Pond Begins . . .

This is a night view of the waterfall, illuminated with a 50 watt spotlight.
We spent a whole Saturday going from
to find just the right lights, and we did!!!
The ace electrician/plumbing expert
is in the process of installing them.
Of course,
I am digging the trenches for the 
pipes and wires.
If at first you're not happy, tear it all apart.
I rebuilt the creeks so that the plastic
liner doesn't show on the sides.  This was
accomplished by redigging creeks with a
ledge to stack the rocks on.
We bought 90 landscape blocks to reinforce
the back of the pond.  Each block measures
12 inches deep by 16 inches long and 8 inches high.  They weigh 58 pounds each and are hollow to allow for flower planting in 
each opening.  A six inch layer of inch minus rock is tamped underneath each base block
to level and stabilize wall.
Skimmer has been leveled and installed.
View of rear of pond.  Note openings
between blocks for planting.  The wall extends beyond pond to create a level area for the bench. 
Upper view of wall extension.  This was filled with
about three feet of dirt.  There will be a lovely bench and more flowers.
View of back wall of pond with a weed
barrier and a row of chicken wire installed to 
keep dirt from falling into pond, 
and water from exerting too much pressure
on the liner from the inside, which could
cause it to rupture through the gaps in
the blocks.

Reconstruction Photos