A Little More Progress

I had to stop digging and build a new cart to haul the dirt and rocks.
It is made out of treated 3/4 inch plywood, treated 2 x 4's, and lots of nuts, bolts and
washers.   It is reinforced with metal angle iron.
I also built boxes for the front and back of the four wheeler to
facilitate hauling rocks from the creek down in the woods.


View of creek construction with small waterfalls.
Creek forks into two sections at the lower
center of the photo.


Better view of fork in creek.  Lower falls
must be exactly even so that water
spills over both and not just one.  Trial 
and error have indicated that I will go
back and redo the upper sections of the
creek so that the liner does not show as much.
But first I need to get to the pond.
Landscaping in progress.  After all this is a
"Butterfly Garden".  I planted a number
of butterfly attracting perennials, and have
been slowly digging out the grass and
have added stepping stones that look
like cross sections of logs.
The pond is actually being cleaned out now. 
This will be quite a project.  After the 
residual rock and dirt is removed from
the hole and backside of the pond, I will
begin constructing a retaining wall to 
level the pond.  It will be approximately
three feet high and constructed of 
 special open core block, creating a 
plantable wall system.

"Gorse Fairy"

I absolutely fell in love with these kissing fairies and thought they would
make the perfect centerpiece for the "Butterfly Garden" and "Lake Butterfly".
They are from the "Flower Fairies" books illustrations created by artist Cicely Mary Baker.
My dear sweet husband, who spoils me rotten, surprised me with the sculpture later
the same week.  Needless to say, I was thrilled, and they already have
the place of honor between the creeks on the island.  I am sure
the butterflies will love the fairies as much as I do.

Reconstruction Photos