Butterfly Garden Reconstruction -2002
In the Beginning . . .

This little project started out with the creation of a waterfall.  We found a great flat rock at Kirkwood Material.  First step was to redesign the rock retaining wall to contain the flat rock and provide a lowered flat surface.  I dug out a large hole, framed it in with plywood, lined it with old carpeting and a 5' x 7' sheet of 20 mil flexible pond liner.  Then I had to dig a 3 1/2 foot deep hole next to the big hole, through solid rock, to run the water pipes and wires.  I think this is only the beginning of the fun!!
The waterfall catch pond was dug next, wide 
and deep enough to hold the water from the waterfall.   This is about a 3 1/2 foot drop.   It too was lined with old carpet and then pond liner.
This shows the path of the creek (or should we say "creeks" coming off of the waterfall and 
catch pond.  This is getting ambitious!
Pile of dirt


Big "HOLE" !  Dirt and rock came out of here.
This is to become "Butterfly Lake".
Running the BOBCAT that dug the HOLE!
Dr. Dwayne Helton did the digging with his CAT, while I kept the thing from rolling down the mountain end over end.  I have honestly been on rides at Six Flags which were tamer and much less scary than this operation.
This bucket can really make a Big Mess!
We now have a hole the size of ????
Rocks and clay . . . that's all we have on this mountain.
(Viewed here back on flat gound!!!)
Thank Goodness!
The bucket goes up, the bucket goes down, 
the bucket makes a VERY BIG hole!

Reconstruction Photos